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Chelsea Green is a self-taught, professional multi-media artist who began creating commissioned custom portraits at twelve years of age. Supported and encouraged by her local community in the Appalachian mountains, Chelsea continued to build her skills as a fine artist, and went on to attend Governor's School for the Arts in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as a high school student. Later, while studying the 'hard sciences' at Virginia Tech, she met a Buddhist activist artist and professor, Jane Lillian Vance, who challenged Chelsea to use her art as a means for moving and challenging social progress. Chelsea graduated university and later attended graduate school to become a Licensed Therapist who now works with individuals and couples in Charleston, South Carolina as she continues to challenge herself and others to think more inclusively and existentially through the means of art, creativity, and design. 


Chelsea is well known for capturing the soul of her portrait subjects as she currently works as an Artist In Residence for The SpiritHouse Project, founded and organized by civil rights activist and theologian, Dr. Ruby Sales. In this role, Chelsea is creating hand-drawn portraits to honor the black and brown women who created hope zones in areas of education, community, and culture while advancing democracy for all American people in the glorious but hard won victories of the Southern Freedom Movement.

Wild Horses in Black & White


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